Custom Lighting
Bytendorp Enterprises Landscaping works hard to make every home and landscape admired by day and by night. We dont want your landscaping to fade into the darkness once the sun goes down. We will transform your home with a custom crafted light show. Light that will bathe the garden paths in a soft, inviting glow and holds the night at bay on decks, patios and pools. We will provide 12 Volt lighting to focus on areas that you want to stand out at night. We will provide light for: Beautification, Usability, Safe Passage, Security, and Value. We can provide: Path and Spread Lighting, Accent and Deck Lighting, Spotlighting, Grazing, Silhouetting, Uplighting, and Cross Lighting. All of which will help you bring out those focal points that you desire!! Call or E-mail now for a custom lighting quote!!
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